IPMC Spring 2024 Colloquia

“Philosophy and Soiciety” is the topic of IPMC’s Spring 2023 Colloquia. We welcome anyone interested to join our discussion. The colloquia will be held in-person on the Yangming campus of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. We will send you some more detailed information regarding the colloquia after you register.

Click the following link to finish your registration:IPMC Fall 2023 Colloquia. IPMC is welcome to your join!

*Here is the list of invited speakers:

Greg W. Misiaszek

Chu-Chien Hsieh 謝儲鍵

Hsuan-Chih Lin 林璿之

Cheng-Hao Lin 林正昊

Katherine Cheng 鄭婕淩

Yi-Hao Su 蘇翊豪

I-Wen Chan 張懿文

Yowyu Lin 林祐瑜

Chao-Ting Chou 周昭廷

Wei-Chieh Tseng曾暐傑