Admission Information for International Students

Important Dates

Admission Intake
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
December 20 – March 15August 10 – September 30
Instruction BeginsMid-SeptemberMid-February

Application Webpage

*Note: Submissions should be applied through the above NYCU Office of International Affairs (OIA) website, not via this webpage. 

Application Fees

No Application Fees

Requirements / Required Application Materials

  1. Admissions application form
  2. Statement of purpose
  3. Certificate of highest educational level (certified translation is required if the original certificate is not issued in English or Chinese)
  4. Transcripts of highest educational level (including a description of the grading system, GPA, class or school ranking.) Certified translation is required if the original transcript is not issued in English or Chinese.
  5. Two letters of recommendation 
  6. Proof of English language proficiency (select one from the following)
    • English language proficiency exam certificate–Applicants’s exam score must meet one of the following minimum score requirements (the score criteria have been adjusted according to department needs) * :
      • TOEFL- iBT:87 ↑ (and above)
      • IELTS (academic):7.0 ↑ (and above)
      • GEPT(Advanced Level 高級)
    • Proof that previous academic education was conducted in English: If the courses from your previous academic institutions are fully taught in English, you can request the institutions, departments, or advising professors to issue an official certificate stating that the courses are fully taught in English.
    • Documentation for nationality belonging to an English-speaking country: Applicants whose nationality or previous academic credentials belong to an English-speaking country (such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia) are not required to submit proofs of English proficiency and are only required to submit their passports or graduation certificates.
  7. Financial statement (proof of scholarship award or proof of bank deposit, to be submitted during registration).
  8. Passport or other proof of nationality

* Score band comparison table

Total 1209.0990

Source: Ministry of Education (MOE) English Proficiency Test Score Comparison Table

Optional Application Materials

1. Proof of Chinese proficiency

*Note: Almost all (approximately 70%) courses at the IPMC institute are fully taught in English; therefore, there is no requirement for proficiency in Chinese to succeed in this program.  

2. Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) (if any)

Application Review Process

  1. Preliminary Review: Document review
  2. Secondary Review: Online interview

Application Procedures

  1. Please confirm that you satisfy the criteria to be considered as an international student.
  2. Please submit the application data in the online application system via the application website shown above.
  3. Please read the regulations written in this admissions guide carefully to verify whether the department or institute you wish to apply for has specified which materials you need to submit, in addition to other requirements.
  4. Application documents must be submitted via the online application system by the application deadline along with two letters of recommendation. Please note that the system will send the links to the letters of recommendation to the respective recommenders after your application is submitted.
  5. After the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation letter titled “Online Application Submitted” from the system. Please confirm that you have received this letter. Applications without a letter of confirmation will not be accepted.

Note to Applicants

  1. All applicants must submit the required documents using the online application system; multiple document uploads and application updates are permitted before the deadline. Please ensure the correct documents are uploaded and confirm their submission after payment of the application fee. We will review admissions based on the documents uploaded and confirmed by the applicant using the online application system; after the deadline, revisions or supplemental information will not be accepted for any reason.
  2. The application documents shall be submitted as PDF files except for photographs, which shall be submitted as JPG files. Please upload each document individually to each corresponding document field. Only one file can be uploaded for each document item. If you have multiple files you wish to upload to one item, please combine them into one single file before uploading. Files cannot be added or replaced after the application deadline.
  3. Please read the regulations of this admission guide carefully before submitting your application, including those pertaining to the application criteria of each department or institute. Applicants shall bear responsibility for canceled applications or any negative impact on their review results that may arise from unqualified applications, inconsistent submission forms, or incomplete submitted data.
  4. Please submit all data by the application deadline. Applicants are wholly responsible if their application is deemed to be unqualified as a result of delayed data submission.
  5. Should there be any doubt regarding the submitted application data, NYCU may demand the applicant to mail original copies of the relevant documents, which shall not be returned regardless of whether the applicant is accepted or not.
  6. Admission to NYCU does not guarantee you access to the visa issued by the diplomatic missions of Taiwan. Your visa is subject to approval only by the Bureau of Consular Affairs or by the Foreign Embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China.

Scholarship Information for International Students

  1. Taiwan Scholarship (apply from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOE)
  2. NYCU International Student Scholarship (1 year)
    • Plan A: Monthly stipend (NT$7,000–25,000) & full waiver of tuition and credit fees
    • Plan B: Monthly stipend (NT$7,000–25,000) & tuition and credit fees charged according to the rates of local students
    • Plan C: Monthly stipend (NT$7,000–25,000)
    • Plan D: Tuition and credit fees charged according to the rates of local students
    • Plan E: None