【News】Seminars in Fall 2022

The new online seminars of IPMC in Fall, 2022 is coming!

Do you want to know how people’s understanding and interpretation of ethics has changed with the development of technology? What are the new applications of AI (artificial intelligence) in medical field? Although I’m just a Philosopher, these seminars sound really great. Click the following link to finish your registration: IPMC Fall 2022 Colloquia (google.com) . IPMC is welcome to your join!

Below links are the information about our speaker:

John Danaher: https://reurl.cc/W1z0k9 

Derrick Au: https://reurl.cc/eOQMLL

Andrea Lavazza: https://reurl.cc/vWGQWk 

Sebastian Jon Holmen: https://reurl.cc/dWOQWy 

Roy Dings: https://reurl.cc/GEgnEy

Vincent Müller: https://reurl.cc/YXmY8n

Muriel Leuenberger: https://reurl.cc/vWGQmo Tsutomu Sawai: https://reurl.cc/RXRYvr